Licensing Board

Twinkle lights on the York U Common

York University Common lighting project, funded by Licensing Program proceeds

Terms of Reference

The York University Licensing Board is charged with the protection of the University's names and marks and preserving their value. It is authorized to consider and recommend granting a license to qualified parties to use the University's names and marks on merchandise for sale or promotional purposes and to charge a royalty for the use thereof as may be determined from time to time.

License Requirements

Licensing Program funds support York Youth Connection

York Youth Connection day camp - supported in part by funds generated by the licensing program

Permission to use the University's names and marks on a non-exclusive basis will be granted and royalties will be payable subject to the terms of a Licensing Agreement.

Exceptions will be made for products created at the request of the University for its own use, such as authorized work or sport uniforms, and items such as trophies, plaques or other purely ceremonial products awarded to individuals to recognize their academic, extra-curricular or work achievement.

Item Sample Approval


York branded mugs and water bottles

Pursuant to the licenses granted, the Licensing Board shall exercise the right of approval over the use of the names and marks on merchandise (Item Sample Approval). In exercising its judgment in respect to the use of the names and marks, the Licensing Board shall consider the standards set by the University from time to time for the representation of its names and marks, and the principles set out in the University's Mission Statement where applicable. The Licensing Board will not approve a product or representation of a name or mark which, it in its judgment, it determines will damage the University's reputation or bring the students, faculty and/or staff of the University into disrepute.

Use of Proceeds

Royalties received from the licensing program shall be directed to offset the administrative costs of the program and thereafter will be distributed from time to time by the Licensing Board to support student projects and activities, to enhance the student life of York's campuses, and to promote York University, its names and marks.

To find out more about how the Licensing Board expends its net profits from the licensing program, who may apply for funds, application and decision processes and reporting requirements, click the link below.