Fair Labour Practices

Fair Labour Association

York University wishes its names and marks to be associated with products produced under legal and fair labour conditions. Therefore, the University requires its licensees to manufacture or imprint merchandise that have been manufactured in these conditions.

York University is a member of the Fair Labor Association and the Worker Rights Consortium.  Approved licensees are required to register with the Fair Labor Association and disclose to the Workers Rights Consortium, information about the names and locations of the factories involved in the production of licensed merchandise.

Code of Conduct for Licensees

Licensees are required by agreement to exercise due diligence in ensuring fair labour practices both in their own and in their contractors and suppliers’ workplaces, and shall comply, and cause their contractors and suppliers to comply, with the York University Code of Conduct For Licensees. An Officer's Certificate must also be completed to certify that the licensee complies with the code of conduct for licensees.