Allocation of Funds from the Licensing Program

York University Licensing Board

1 Principles Governing the Allocation of Funds

The York University Licensing Board expends its net profits for the following purposes:

  1. to promote the York names, marks and brands; and
  2. to promote/enhance the quality of student life on campus; and
  3. for student awards

Funds may be allocated either by independent decision of the Board or pursuant to an application by a university department or student group.

2 Applying for Funding

  1. Applications from university departments and student groups will be considered twice per academic term: October 31 and April 30.
  2. Requests shall be made in writing to the Licensing Coordinator, and shall include:
    1. a description of the event/project indicating how it will advance the purposes set out in 1 above;
    2. where relevant, a budget showing revenues and expenses of a proposed project and details of applications for, or receipt of, funding from other sources;
    3. a proposal as to how the Licensing Program will be recognized in the event that funds are awarded to the applicant(s);
    4. a University account or budget number into which any funds awarded are to be transferred.

3 Decision and Reporting

The Licensing Board will meet to consider the applications and make a decision based on all submissions received. As a condition of the receipt of funding, the Licensing Board may require, once the project has been completed, a written report describing and confirming the expenditure of funds for the purposes for which they were originally awarded.